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Dear Zac: A Father's Thoughts on His Son Turning 16

When the doctor announced that we were having a son, I shouted for joy (literally).  Don't get me wrong: I love my 2 daughters. They are my girls and they hold the keys to my heart in ways they do not even realize. And I was convinced a third daughter was my parental destiny. So when I learned I was the father of a son , my spontaneous reaction was sheer delight.  This week, my son Zachary Devin Hudson turns 16.  Here are a few my thoughts to Zac. You are my son and I am proud to be your dad. I love you Zac more than life. I am proud to be your father.  The elation I felt on the day the doctor revealed I was having a son has exponentially grown and deepened.  When I tell people that you are my son, I do so with pride, pleasure and excitement.  The ways that you are a great son to me are more than I can list. For example, almost every Sunday on our ride home from church when it is normally just you and me in the car, you encourage me. You tell me how awesome the message was t