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Dear Zac: A Father's Thoughts on His Son Turning 16

When the doctor announced that we were having a son, I shouted for joy (literally).  Don't get me wrong: I love my 2 daughters. They are my girls and they hold the keys to my heart in ways they do not even realize. And I was convinced a third daughter was my parental destiny. So when I learned I was the father of a son , my spontaneous reaction was sheer delight.  This week, my son Zachary Devin Hudson turns 16.  Here are a few my thoughts to Zac. You are my son and I am proud to be your dad. I love you Zac more than life. I am proud to be your father.  The elation I felt on the day the doctor revealed I was having a son has exponentially grown and deepened.  When I tell people that you are my son, I do so with pride, pleasure and excitement.  The ways that you are a great son to me are more than I can list. For example, almost every Sunday on our ride home from church when it is normally just you and me in the car, you encourage me. You tell me how awesome the message was t

Resurrection: Deconstructed

We spent the last 3 Sundays at City Church deconstructing the historical, eternal, and everyday life implications of the resurrection of Jesus.  This gospel-centered series was a great reminder of the centrality of the resurrection to our beliefs, hope, future, and daily living. To watch the messages, go here .  To subscribe to or listen to the podcast, go here . Here are a few of the truths that stood out to me. Historical - There is no form of historic Christianity that does not affirm at its heart that after the brutal death of Jesus Christ that the Father raised him to life again.  The resurrection is woven into the structure of Christian belief, life, and thought - informing everything about our faith. - The survival of the movement known as Christianity makes no sense outside of the resurrection of Jesus.  Christianity did not survive because of the teachings, miracles, pithy sayings, or even the death of Jesus.  It survived and thrived because people encountered a ma

Faith, Miracles, & Jesus

This past Sunday I taught at City Church from John 4:43-54 about a desperate father who comes to Jesus on behalf of his dying son with the sole purpose of bringing Jesus back to his house for a miraculous healing. What he received from Jesus instead tested the essence and validity of his fledgling faith. This story is found between one of the most recognized encounters of Jesus - the Samaritan woman (we spent 3 weeks walking through it) & one of his most dramatic miracles (curing a man who was an invalid for 38 years).  For that reason, we have a tendency to view it as more of a filler moment in the life of Jesus but this week I was reminded of the depth of what took place in this narrative. Here were some of the things we dug into yesterday. - Jesus responds to desperation with compassion.  He meets us right where we are - in our life context. - Jesus asks us to trust Him with what is closest to our souls - what we value the most.  Can Jesus be trusted with my kids, my mar

I Am Not Important

This Sunday I am preaching from John 3:22-36 .  Following on the heels of one of the most popular texts in the Bible, this story often gets neglected but serves as one of the clearest ministry models in the New Testament. Let me put it in context for you. John the Baptizer hits the preaching circuit in full force. He is provocative, confrontational, inflammatory, and offensive. His message stands in stark contrast to the religious world of his day and the commoners love him.  They flock to hear him.  He is baptizing people by the droves. Reporters are itching to get an interview with this crazy desert dweller turned evangelist.  He rocks the establishment. He even has disciples ... students ... loyal followers who have been transformed by his message of repentance.  John has a devoted team and his ministry is busting at the seams. Outreach Magazine is calling ... "let's get you on that fastest-growing list Johnny." And then Jesus shows up. Another ministry moves int