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Dear Ragan: a Daddy's Reflection on His Second Daughter Turning 16

A few years ago I wrote a blog post regarding my oldest daughter Kayleigh turning 16.  This week my second daughter Ragan crosses that threshold as well.  I am in denial and shock.  My sweet princess is 16! How does this happen?!?  Time is a cruel taskmaster and a wonderful gift at the same time. On this special day, I want to remind you Ragan of a few reasons why your Daddy loves you "to the moon and back" ... 1) You have a caring heart. I love Ragan's heart.  She cares for people. She loves her family and friends.  She has a tenderness about her that is unique.  Her heart has been captured by the gospel and it gives her a loving kindness that few young ladies her age have. 2) You are growing into a beautiful young lady. As Ragan gets older, she is growing more and more beautiful.  I love her cute smile and happy personality. Her naturally small frame is the envy of anyone who has to "work" to stay in shape but it does not define her.  In a day and a