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A Daddy's Thoughts on His Daughter's Graduation

Tomorrow evening my oldest daughter Kayleigh will put on a cap and gown, walk across a stage, receive a diploma, officially become a high school graduate, and enter a new season of life.

I am not sure that reality has sunk in for me yet.  My little girl is becoming a young woman. Even as I type those words, my heart pauses for a second.  On one hand, I am so excited for her and what lies around the corner in her life.  On the other hand, I want to burst into tears, hold her close, and protect my little princess from the broken world that awaits.

My mind races to the giggles, vacations, closeness, wins, laughs, and everyday moments we have enjoyed. And at the same time it also recalls the hurts, tears, tough conversations, pain, and moments of distance we endured.  As she prepares to transition into this new season, I wish I could multiply the good times and edit the not-so-good ones ... but then I realize ~ God has used both to make her the person she has become and is becoming.


Our Return to Ministry

Earlier today it was announced publicly that Ashley and I will be re-entering ministry. I have agreed to become the pastor of Revolution Church in Decatur and Ashley is now the Director of Ministries for the church. While I will also maintain my current position at the company for which I work for an indefinite period of time, Ashley has resigned State Farm and will be working "full-time" for the church.

Here are a few things we want people to know about this transition:

> We made this decision after an extended season of intentional prayer, thought, and advice. 

When Ashley and I were first approached about this opportunity several months ago, our initial reaction was an immediate no.  Ashley felt an even stronger reluctance than I did.  We had reached a place in life where we were content to live life "outside" of ministry.  However out of respect for our friends Dave & Dana Anderson, we agreed to pray about it.  To make a long story short, God changed o…