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I Am Not Important

This Sunday I am preaching from John 3:22-36 .  Following on the heels of one of the most popular texts in the Bible, this story often gets neglected but serves as one of the clearest ministry models in the New Testament. Let me put it in context for you. John the Baptizer hits the preaching circuit in full force. He is provocative, confrontational, inflammatory, and offensive. His message stands in stark contrast to the religious world of his day and the commoners love him.  They flock to hear him.  He is baptizing people by the droves. Reporters are itching to get an interview with this crazy desert dweller turned evangelist.  He rocks the establishment. He even has disciples ... students ... loyal followers who have been transformed by his message of repentance.  John has a devoted team and his ministry is busting at the seams. Outreach Magazine is calling ... "let's get you on that fastest-growing list Johnny." And then Jesus shows up. Another ministry moves int