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Rob Bell, Suicide, and Reconciliation

Last night Ashley and I watched The Rob Bell Show.  If you don't know, Rob Bell is an author, speaker, and former pastor who has faced some significant criticism from evangelicals for his thoughts, writings, and theological evolution.  Recently he has surfaced with the Queen of quasi-spiritualism herself Oprah Winfrey.  His new show even airs on Oprah's network.

This blog post is not about the beliefs of Rob Bell.  You can find plenty of information regarding Rob with a simple Google search.  I thought the show was typical Rob Bell. He said a lot and very little at the same time while keeping me engaged throughout.

What caught me by surprise last night was one of the people Rob interviewed for his episode on reconciliation. Rob interviewed a young lady named Rachel whose father was a pastor who went through a moral failure, lost his family and church, and eventually took his own life. His name was Doug and he was a friend of mine.  Rachel was just a child when I knew Doug.


Levi's Genes

I am speaking this Sunday from the genealogy of Matthew. I guess I could call it Levi's Genes (see what I did there). I love the story behind the Christmas story that Matthew provides.  The genealogy Matthew offers is more than space filler or a list of names we tend to ignore. It is a narrative comprised of some of the most sordid and shocking tales in Scripture - outrageous, immoral, reprehensible stories of scandal and depravity.

Why does Matthew chose to highlight what most historians attempting to prove the Messiahship of Jesus to a Jewish audience would want to omit?  We get a hint in 1:21 where Matthew records the angel's instruction to Mary to name the child Jesus "for he will save his people from their sins."

God the Son entered the messiness of our world in order to save sinners. Matthew's scandalous inclusions in the genealogy of Jesus are just another reminder of this grace-filled truth. He highlights what we would hide so that we are reminded that th…