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I Attend a TRADITIONAL Church

I attend a traditional church.

Don't get me wrong. On an average Sunday you will not find a choir, organ or pulpit in our gatherings.  Padded chairs replace pews. There are no hymnals and the pastor will not be wearing a suit. More than likely you will hear the latest Elevation or Hillsong tune. The room will be dark and the stage will be lit and people will raise their hands during the songs.  Jeans are the most common choice of clothes and most of the audience will look at the Scriptures for that day on their smartphones or the screens. Few will bring an actual Bible to church.  And yet the church I attend is traditional. Let me explain.

Traditional can be defined in a number of ways but the general idea is that a tradition is something that is handed down from a previous generation. When it comes to doctrine, you want traditions. After all, the gospel itself is a tradition that Christians believe has been embraced and passed down to every generation since Jesus and the apostle…

Happy Broken Father's Day

I love being a dad.  I love my kids unconditionally. I believe in them, support them, provide for them, take care of them, encourage them, and protect them. I am not sure what qualifies a dad to be a "great" father but I do what I can to try and be the dad my kids deserve. And guess what? I fall miserably short.

I am not a perfect father. I am a sinner. I make mistakes. I overreact. I lose my temper. I say things I should not. I am sure my decisions are not always the best ones.  In essence: I am broken.

Several years ago, I made the decision to walk away from a marriage. And as a result, the mother of my children divorced me. I guess it is fair to say I abandoned our marriage. I made choices that impacted my children in a deep and lasting way.  I never abandoned my kids (even though people love to throw around that phrase in situations like mine). As a matter of fact, I am probably more intentional with the time I spend with my children than I ever have been. But I did make…