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Beware of Church Leaders?

I have been somewhat detached from "ministry world" for quite a while now.  I haven't really had the time to keep up with the latest headlines in the tiny slice of the world we know as evangelical Christianity (and if you don't believe it is a tiny slice then you haven't spent much time outside of that world or outside the bible belt). 

Honestly it has been somewhat refreshing for me.  

However with a couple of weeks of downtime before I begin a new position, I have been playing catch up. I'm not sure it is the best use of my time because I have read copious reports of church leaders manipulating numbers and manufacturing baptisms, pastors building seemingly oversize houses with questionable resources, disingenuous practices to land books on the NYT bestseller's list, abuse of power, unwise use of church funds, self-promotion, undue harsh criticism of other leaders, limited accountability, and multiple other underbelly realities of ministry that most chu…

Our Next Step...

Ashley and I are about to take a new step in our journey.  For the past 3+ years, I have worked in real estate seminar world. Looking back, it was exactly what we needed for that season of our lives. However I have officially resigned from my current position and have accepted an offer from a different company outside of seminar world.  We are so excited about what lies ahead.

Here are some of the positives from the past 3 years:

- The Schedule.  My normal schedule involved leaving on Thursday afternoon and returning on Sunday night.  This schedule allowed us to have the kids half of the week.  And when I was home, I was able to focus primarily on the family.

- The Speaking.  The one thing I miss the most about ministry is speaking. I love to speak. I believe I am a gifted speaker.  Seminar world allowed me to continue to exercise my gift (even though my topic was very different).

- The Money.  God provided me a job that allowed me to make solid money. We needed that financial stab…