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Life Lessons from Breaking Bad

I am a fan of the AMC series Breaking Bad. The show depicts clearly the depth and results of doing the wrong thing for the "right" reasons. It is a tale of consequences. For an overview of the series, go here. Unlike some other headline series I have watched, Breaking Bad came to a rightful and satisfactory conclusion last night. Without over-spiritualizing a TV show, here are a few life lessons the series reiterates in a powerful way.

Sin has severe consequences.
In my opinion, Breaking Bad did not try and sensationalize wrongdoing. Instead the series shows the digression of a life marked by sin and the destruction and death it delivers. As the series ended last night, my mind immediately went to Romans 6:23a ... "the consequences of sin is death." Sin takes life - it destroys everything in its path: relationships, trust, love, moral awareness, and even physical life itself. Sin leaves a wake of brokenness and death in its corrosive path.

Sin will always take you …

Convergence: a light bulb moment

Do you ever have one of those light bulb moments when you realize that years earlier God was shaping a bigger picture you had no clue in the moment was being formed? I had one of those moments last night.

We are being more intentional to attend church with the kids as much as possible. My travel schedule and other factors have hindered our involvement in this area of their lives and I have missed it. However as God has worked in our lives and in the hearts of others, we are feeling more compelled to be as involved as my schedule allows.

So last night we attended Convergence with the kids. Convergence is an occasional gathering that Epic Church creates to bring together their multiple services and campuses for the purpose of unified worship, Communion, prayer, vision casting, and teaching. It is intentional, engaging, and effective.

Convergence is actually a concept that God birthed in my heart years ago when we were leading Grace Point Church in Las Vegas.  At the time, we were lookin…