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A Husband and a Dad

My blog has been quiet in recent months. To be honest, I haven't really wanted to write anything which is strange for me.  By nature, I love to write.  I am a fairly gifted writer but recently I have had little desire to write.  I was even asked to write some articles for a widely read website but simply did not have the craving to put together anything.  I even sat down to write a few times but what I wrote just didn't seem that important so I left it unpublished.

What does seem important to me right now is being a good husband and father. For most of my life, I have focused on a number of things that most people consider important: getting a good education, growing churches, networking, teaching, mentoring, leading, and a number of other "important" matters that occupied most of my time.

Don't get me wrong - all of those matters are wholesome and valuable in their own way. And they have their proper place in life.  But they are not the matters that seem most im…