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(Un)Preferred Endings

"... and they lived happily ever after."

We love preferred endings. We love happily ever afters - the fairy tale endings of life.

Preferred endings...

... and they repented of their adultery and reconciled with their spouses.
... and God heard their prayers and he was healed.
... and she never struggled with her addiction again.
... and he never fell prey to his sexual temptation again.
... and the cancer never returned.

We struggle with endings we do not prefer.

... and they divorced their spouses and married each other.
... and the child died.
... and she ended up back in rehab.
... and he had sex with him again.
... and the cancer returned.

Redemption is the central theme of the Jesus story.  Jesus came on a rescue mission to save those who can't save themselves. He does the impossible - He redeems the non-redeemable. But what happens when that redemption follows a path we don't prefer? 

What happens when he refuses to repent? When she sins again? When death ste…

Two Years Later

January is the month of fresh starts and new beginnings. It is when resolutions are made with gritty determination. January offers new opportunities.

I must admit that the first of the year is a tough time for me. It brings feelings of both positive reflection and deep regret.  It was January 2005 that I moved my young family to Las Vegas with a God-sized vision to create a community that would promote grace to people trapped in sin. It was January 2006 that dream became a reality and Grace Point Church was born. And it was in January each year that we would celebrate what God was doing through broken people to redeem other broken people in a broken city. And sadly it was in January 2011 that my own brokenness and refusal to turn from my sin led to my own demise.  Last January I wrote here and here about my "life outside of ministry" and what God taught me in year one.  Two years removed from that fateful day, here are some things God continues to teach me.

Healing is a proce…