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My Thankful List

On this designated "thankful" day, a few particular blessings come to mind:

- Ashley. Statistics say we will not make it - grace says otherwise. I love you.

- Kayleigh, Ragan, and Zac.  I have never loved you more deeply and felt more pride in who God has created you to be. I love each of you more than life.

- Jesus. "It's all because of Jesus I'm alive" has never had more meaning in my life.

- Provision. God has provided above and beyond what I deserve. 

- Grace. It is the thread that weaves my life.

- Hope. I have tasted life without it and now I live life in it.

- Second Chances. My life is marked by them.

- Redemption. The story of the Bible has become my story.

- Small Moments and Things.  I am learning to cherish what I once took for granted.

- Freedom. Condemnation's grip has been released by love's liberating power.

I cannot even begin to describe how far God has brought us this year. His limitless grace and healing knows no bounds. Wh…