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Gospel Danger

After a few extremely busy work weeks, I have had a few days off which usually means I peruse the internet and catch up on the latest buzz in the evangelical church world.  A couple of prominent issues captured my attention and reminded me how we evangelicals love to attack each other.

For example, a well-known and influential pastor who has an impeccable history of fidelity to orthodox beliefs and the Bible is under severe attack for what he did NOT say in a single message within an 8-week series of sermons (yes you heard that correctly). Wow.

I was listening to a friend of mine this week on a discussion panel of a popular reformed conference  define the inevitable dangers of the recent resurgence of gospel wakefulness among evangelicals. His answer was telling. He warned that one of the dangers is that those who claim to embrace and believe in the importance of the gospel tend to become legalistic with our own understanding of how the gospel should and should not be preached, lived…