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He began it in you. He will continue it without you.

Philippians 1.6 "And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ." (ESV)

Recently I have been processing how this verse applies to my life. Almost a decade ago God planted a vision in my heart that eventually became Grace Point Church. It is a vision that was birthed in my heart alone, and yet it is a vision I was disqualified to lead because of my own sinful choices. I forfeited the right to continue a vision God planted in my heart.

A couple of thoughts to ponder:

- Did God know I would disqualify myself before He planted that vision in my heart?
- Is a God-planted vision discontinued when the leader disqualifies him/herself?
- Is God capable of raising up other people to continue a vision He planted in someone else's heart?

Here's a reality I have been processing lately: God is continuing a good work without me that He began with me

Grace Point Church started in one person's heart. Nothing…

Easter and Wounds

This Sunday Christians around the world will celebrate Easter - a day set aside specifically to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus, the lynchpin of the Christian faith.  Easter is about life: the God-man died for our sins and is now alive and offers eternal life to those who believe in Him. That truth is Easter Theology 101. However what is lost sometimes in the bigger picture of this truth is what accompanies this cardinal doctrine.

Easter goes beyond the doctrine of the resurrection. The life Jesus offers also has to do with restored Jesus followers living life to the fullest - being made whole and complete in Him.  Most of us are satisfied with and justify incomplete living - a lack of wholeness.  Instead of allowing Jesus to heal our wounds and scars, we tend to adjust to them. Usually it is because we feel like we deserve our scars at some level. And as a result, our spiritual wounds often mark and plague our lives.

We feel like we deserve to live with our wounds. "I am who…