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Life is Short. Have an Affair.

A few days ago I started receiving e-mails from I didn't really pay attention to the first few because I just thought they were ordinary spam e-mails sent from some random furniture or weight loss or whatever kind of company. But then I noticed in one of the emails that it indicated I had an account with them so I looked more closely at the e-mail. At first I thought it must be some type of mistake. But then I realized that is the "Life is short - Have an affair" website that generated so much publicity several months ago for providing a service that allows married people to search for other individuals looking to have an affair.  Suddenly it dawned on me - someone had actually taken the time to set up an account for me! They used my name and birthday as a username - my wife's name as the password - some of my personal information for the profile - and my personal e-mail for the communication. In other words, someone intentionally…

A Herculean God

I have been revisiting the Old Testament story of Samson - what a jacked-up dude! Samson had all the God-given potential in the world yet he threw it all away to pursue his own desires. His life reads like a Jerry Springer episode on steroids: sex, debauchery, prostitution, brutality, murder, rebellion, and just about any other sin you can name. Samson's life was marked by a thrilling, supernatural birth, a turbulent self-indulgent life, and a tragic premature death. Samson seemed to make all the wrong decisions in life.

Check out Samson's Herculean destructive life pattern:

- He was constantly in the wrong place
- He was constantly looking for a fix in the wrong way
- He consistently rejected wise counsel 
- He continued down the wrong path even when repeatedly given the opportunity to turn around
- He was far more hormone-driven than Spirit-driven
- He repeatedly compromised his own values and God-commitment for his own pleasure
- He frequently ignored his weaknesses and re…