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A Brief Update

I have been receiving a number of e-mails, texts, etc asking me how I am doing so here's a brief overview of some of the things going on in my world for those interested. 

I now live in North Alabama. I live here for one primary reason: to be near my children. Fortunately God has provided me a job where I can travel from any major airport so I live in North Alabama and fly in and out of Huntsville almost every weekend. I am blessed to have a schedule that allows me to be with the kids half the week and travel the other half. When I am home, I can focus on my family, the kids and building our new life in Alabama. I am thankful for the flexibility my career provides in that regard.

I am adjusting to life in the "country." It definitely has its advantages and disadvantages. Thankfully I get to visit some great cities throughout the country now so I get my "city fix" through my travel. 

God is teaching me a lot about my own depravity, His incredible grace, the ma…