Convergence: a light bulb moment

Do you ever have one of those light bulb moments when you realize that years earlier God was shaping a bigger picture you had no clue in the moment was being formed? I had one of those moments last night.

We are being more intentional to attend church with the kids as much as possible. My travel schedule and other factors have hindered our involvement in this area of their lives and I have missed it. However as God has worked in our lives and in the hearts of others, we are feeling more compelled to be as involved as my schedule allows.

So last night we attended Convergence with the kids. Convergence is an occasional gathering that Epic Church creates to bring together their multiple services and campuses for the purpose of unified worship, Communion, prayer, vision casting, and teaching. It is intentional, engaging, and effective.

Convergence is actually a concept that God birthed in my heart years ago when we were leading Grace Point Church in Las Vegas.  At the time, we were looking to create an environment outside of Sunday mornings where our people could come together (converge) for the specific purposes described above.  God specifically gave me the name Convergence when I was praying about this concept. So we launched Convergence in a local movie theater.  However we eventually discontinued Convergence at Grace Point because it simply wasn't generating the results for which we were looking so we moved in a different direction. I often wondered why it did not "succeed" when I believed so strongly God led us to start it.  Now years later I know.

God didn't birth that vision in my heart for just a specific church in a specific location. He actually created it for another church in another city at a different time!  You see during the season at Grace Point when we were developing Convergence there was a couple God led to move to Las Vegas to serve with us.  That couple was IV & Bene Marsh - who are now the pastors of Epic Church in Decatur, AL.

IV and Bene were in Las Vegas for less than a year yet God used that year to birth a vision in their hearts that eventually became a reality that far surpassed the vision God originally gave me. What God is doing through Epic Church in North Alabama can only be contributed to a movement of God.

Last night I realized God did not birth Convergence in my heart for just that time and place. God was doing something bigger that would only be realized years later!  That is crazy God stuff.

It is overwhelming to think that God was shaping a movement years ago that would transcend time, location, people, and yes even sinful choices. He was bringing glory to Himself when no one could see it. And through His sovereign plan, He continues to write His redemptive story through fallible humans.

I can't begin to unpack how "full circle" this story is becoming. It is truly a God story. And yet it is the way that God continues to write His story (history). He is in control even when we don't realize it. He is writing His story even when we can't see it. He is working in a way that transcends time, people, and places.

We worship and serve a God who is bigger than any limits we place on Him and yet He is also the God who speaks individually into our lives to remind us that He works in and through us in spite of us.

Who would have thought that back then that I would be sitting in a theater in Decatur, AL participating in a vision God birthed year earlier in Las Vegas? God - that's who! 

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