Identity Theft

Violated. Vulnerable. Exposed. Afraid.

Last weekend, my computer bag and all its contents were stolen at LAX airport.  The hope that a Good Samaritan had simply picked up my bag and turned it in quickly vanished when I realized someone was invading my privacy and trying to hack into my accounts.  My glimmer of hope was replaced quickly with feelings of vulnerability and desperation - especially considering the fact we have limited access to banks on the weekend.

The next several hours and days of my life brought out a full range of emotions in me but the one overall feeling that I could not shake was the reality of being exposed and vulnerable to the destructive efforts of someone I do not know trying to steal what is mine.

I have to admit that those feelings have not completely dissipated and I still feel a level of vulnerability and exposure.

Having someone steal your identity is a horrible experience and feeling. Rest assured that I will never make the simple mistakes again that I made with my previous laptop. I have learned the hard way not to put passwords or save information on a computer that other people can steal and use for destructive purposes. And yes it can happen to you!

As a Jesus follower, there is a destructive Enemy whose desire is to steal my identity and destroy who I am in Jesus.  The New Testament uses injurious words like maim, destroy, kill, consume, and rob to describe the vindictive intentions of our spiritual enemy.

If the enemy can steal your identity, he can cause you to live life with feelings of vulnerability, failure, shame, guilt, inadequacy, and captivity. If he can cause you to focus on who you are or are not as a person instead of who you are in Jesus, then he can limit your influence and effectiveness.

Paul is very clear that our identity is to be found in Christ. We are to base our identity upon what Jesus has done for us and not what we do or do not do for Him. Identity begins what He has done and what He is doing on our behalf.

There is a thief who wants to steal your identity in Jesus. He wants you to focus on your failures, sins, past, weaknesses, and struggles. He does not want you to live with the full confidence of knowing your identity is found exclusively in Jesus. And he will do whatever he can to rob you of that identity.

Bottom line: protect yourself.  Guard your heart.  Focus on what Jesus has done on your behalf. Live life in the confidence that comes in knowing your spiritual identity is found exclusively in Jesus.

Identity Theft is a harsh reality in a broken world. There are thieves out there who have no problem taking what is yours and exposing your vulnerability in the process. Protect yourself. And do not forget in the process that there is an even greater threat whose desire is to destroy your soul by robbing your identity in Jesus. And remember this threat is only a moment away.

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