My Thankful List

On this designated "thankful" day, a few particular blessings come to mind:

- Ashley. Statistics say we will not make it - grace says otherwise. I love you.

- Kayleigh, Ragan, and Zac.  I have never loved you more deeply and felt more pride in who God has created you to be. I love each of you more than life.

- Jesus. "It's all because of Jesus I'm alive" has never had more meaning in my life.

- Provision. God has provided above and beyond what I deserve. 

- Grace. It is the thread that weaves my life.

- Hope. I have tasted life without it and now I live life in it.

- Second Chances. My life is marked by them.

- Redemption. The story of the Bible has become my story.

- Small Moments and Things.  I am learning to cherish what I once took for granted.

- Freedom. Condemnation's grip has been released by love's liberating power.

I cannot even begin to describe how far God has brought us this year. His limitless grace and healing knows no bounds. While our exact future remains unclear, what is certain is that He is bigger that our past, failures, and uncertainties.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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