A Few Thoughts on Aurora & Tragedy

Another shooting. More innocent people dead. No real explanation why.

This weekend's tragedy is becoming more and more commonplace. While my heart is saddened for the unnecessary loss and pain, I am no longer surprised when this type of tragedy occurs. It seems these type of vicious episodes occur more and more frequently. And I don't think any of us are naive enough to believe it can't happen to us.

I'm not going to pretend to have all the answers and I am not going to use this tragedy as an opportunity to lecture about how we have kicked God out of society or the need for more or less gun control or the consequences of violence in movies and video games.  There are plenty of opinions to read and listen to on these matters and their connections to these type of disasters.

What I have been thinking the last day or two is how fragile life is, how broken our world is, how vulnerable we are, and how desperately we must trust that God is in control. 

The truth is what happened in Aurora, Colorado could happen in Huntsville, Alabama or any other city. We enjoy going to the movies. We go regularly. We plan to see The Dark Knight Rises. Therefore we are equally as vulnerable as those moviegoers who attended the midnight premier on Thursday night.

Life is fragile. The world is broken. We are at risk. God is in control.

I'm not sure how I would react in such an unforeseen, sudden, life-or-death situation. I do know without a doubt that I would protect my kids at all costs. I would not even hesitate to sacrifice my life for theirs. And the candid reality is that we live in a day and age where we must be aware of that possibility most of the time.

Life is fragile. The world is broken. We are at risk. God is in control. 

Tragedy is not a novel concept. It is as old as human history itself. You don't have to read the Bible or world history very long to recognize that tragedy is a part of the human story. And yet the reality of tragedy does not diminish its pain. Tragedy always generates hurt and questions. If you have any doubt about this statement, read the story of Job.

So what do we do? How do we live life within the brokenness without hiding from life's splendor and opportunity? We must recognize and seek to live these truths:

Life is fragile - cherish each day as a gift.
The world is broken - embrace this truth and cling to grace.
We are at risk - live wisely.
God is in control - trust Him even when it doesn't seem to make sense to do so.

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