Wounded but Healing

"By His wounds you are healed" (1 Peter 2:24)

These words leaped off the screen at me this morning when I was reading through 1 Peter. I have been intrigued with the life of Peter in recent weeks and I was reading through his final recorded letters this morning seeking some fresh insight into this capricious disciple. I wrote some of my thoughts on Peter in an earlier post. In that blog I ruminated on the process that was required in order for Peter to find his ultimate healing in Jesus. One of the truths that stands out to me regarding both my life and the life of Peter is that we tend to wound others because our own hearts are wounded. For that reason, we need healing in order to live whole and complete lives in Jesus.

As I read the words of Peter today, I realized again (but in a fresh way) that ultimate healing comes through what Jesus did on the cross.  I do not believe that our human minds can fathom the magnitude of what happened on the cross when Jesus died.  The longer I follow Jesus the more hesitant I become to put limits on what was or was not accomplished on the cross.  One thing I know for sure is that the work that was accomplished there goes beyond what my mind can grasp.

This morning I was reminded that the suffering of Jesus on the cross provides ultimate healing for my wounded soul.  By His wounds I am healed. He was wounded so that my wounds might be repaired.  Just a few sentences earlier, Peter asserts "He personally carried our sins in his body on the cross so that we can be dead to sin and live for what is right." My heart is spiritually wounded because of sin. So what did Jesus do? He personally took my sin so that I might be made whole. He died so that I might live.

I'm not sure I understand the magnitude of those words.  For one, I still sin. That reality alone reminds me that I don't truly comprehend what Jesus did on the cross to make me whole. If I truly embraced what He did, sin would have less of a presence in my everyday life. 

That's why the work of the gospel is a continual work. Salvation is more than an instantaneous transfer of eternal citizenship. Salvation is an ongoing process that continues to heal our sin-stricken souls and enable us to live less like me and more like Him.

God has been healing my heart in recent days in a way that goes beyond my own feelings of worth and value.  In some ways I feel like He has been recreating a heart that had become so wounded and scarred that I often wondered if healing could even be found. And yet God is reminding me that true spiritual healing is not found through some human means or method. True healing is found in a work that has already been accomplished. True healing is found in the true Healer who came not just to restore blinded eyes and dormant limbs but who ultimately came to heal wounded hearts. A Healer who came to personally carry my sins in his body on the cross so that I might be made whole in Him.

His wounds make my ultimate healing possible.

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