The Healer

One of the most common beliefs about Jesus is that He was a Healer.  While Jesus was on earth He healed diseases, opened blinded eyes, enabled the deaf to hear and the mute to speak. He cleansed lepers and brought dormant limbs to life.  He restored life to the dead.  A large part of his popularity revolved around His ability and desire to heal.  Multitudes flocked to Jesus with their sick loved ones and friends to find healing through the touch of the Great Physician.  At other times, Jesus sought out certain individuals and provided one-on-one care for them.  I am fascinated by these stories of individual healing. They reveal not only the supernatural power of Jesus over earth's contamination and infection but they also demonstrate the personal and unique care that Jesus exercises toward individuals. It displays the interactive work of God among both masses of people and individuals.  His desire is for the individual to find healing. He is a personal God.

Recently God has been teaching me that Jesus is still the ultimate Healer.  The need to be healed implies that something is incomplete.  A blind eye can't perform its ultimate purpose: to provide sight. A mute tongue is unable to execute its primary task: to enable a person to speak. A lifeless hand is incapable of doing what it was created to do.  A person in need of healing is incomplete in the sense that something is missing. We need someone to act on our behalf and restore us to our divine and whole purpose.

But what God has been teaching me is that the need for healing goes way beyond physical disabilities. As humans, we need healing because sin leaves us incomplete.  Sin is our spiritual disability. It prevents us from finding our absolute wholeness in Jesus.  Sin leaves us spiritually maimed, restricted, and incapacitated.  Paul describes sin as "falling short/missing God's mark" (Rom 3.23).  Sin creates a gap between our present shortcomings and wholeness in Jesus.

As a result we find ourselves scrambling to "fill the gap" with all sorts of things. There is no reason to regurgitate a list of "gap-fillers" because we all have our own moral or immoral efforts and practices upon which we rely to find find wholeness outside of Jesus - those idols we create and worship in our effort to find wholeness. We construct our functional saviors and seek to find healing in pseudo-deities who can't complete us.

I am a person who needs to be healed. I do not have some physical disability that limits my capacity to function (outside of my aging body). I am not blind or deaf or incapacitated. But I need healing. I need healing because I am a sinner and my sin leaves me incomplete.  I need to be healed because only Jesus can make me whole.  I have tried a lot of other means and methods to try and bring me fulfillment and completeness but they are spiritual placebos. Enter grace: the spiritual gap-filler.

What God is teaching me is that Jesus is the ultimate Healer. He is the only One who can heal my heart, who can repair injured relationships, who can bring life to what I have destroyed, who can make me complete.  He is the Healer of hearts and souls. He alone can heal my deepest and darkest issues.  He alone can restore my shalom.  He alone can make me whole.

Spiritually speaking: I am broken. I am diseased. I am in desperate need of healing. I am in critical need of a Healer.  Thankfully that is exactly who Jesus is.

God is teaching me more and more about my need to be healed and Jesus as the true Healer. Hopefully I can share more as my thoughts form. In the meantime...

This song has been more relevant to me than ever before in recent days.  Ironically enough, it was written by a man who also was in desperate need of a spiritual Healer.

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