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The Healer - part 2

Just a reminder for those reading this blog that my thoughts here are simply a reflection of what God is teaching me right now. Writing is a therapeutic release for me. Hopefully my words mirror the humility and brokenness of my heart as God heals me. And hopefully God can use my words to help you in your journey as well. 

When we started Grace Point Church in North Las Vegas, we began with the philosophy that we believed God called us to help restore the shalom of our community.  The Hebrew concept shalom in the Old Testament is most often translated peace but what our English translations often miss is that the idea runs much deeper than just the traditional understanding of peace - the absence of conflict.

Shalom has to do with wholeness, completeness.  When we talked about restoring the shalom of our community, we meant that we believed God wanted us to help make our community a better place in every way - socially, spiritually, etc. We believed we were called to be Jesus to our …

The Healer

One of the most common beliefs about Jesus is that He was a Healer.  While Jesus was on earth He healed diseases, opened blinded eyes, enabled the deaf to hear and the mute to speak. He cleansed lepers and brought dormant limbs to life.  He restored life to the dead.  A large part of his popularity revolved around His ability and desire to heal.  Multitudes flocked to Jesus with their sick loved ones and friends to find healing through the touch of the Great Physician.  At other times, Jesus sought out certain individuals and provided one-on-one care for them.  I am fascinated by these stories of individual healing. They reveal not only the supernatural power of Jesus over earth's contamination and infection but they also demonstrate the personal and unique care that Jesus exercises toward individuals. It displays the interactive work of God among both masses of people and individuals.  His desire is for the individual to find healing. He is a personal God.

Recently God has been …

Be or De

One of the random thoughts I have been processing lately...

Because of my sin, I put people in an awkward position. My life choices forced people to have to choose how to respond to me. I will live with that reality for a long time.

When we make sinful choices (or any choice with which others disagree for that matter), responses vary from person to person. Some agree. Others disagree. Some choose to withdraw. Others choose to reach out. Some offer grace. Others prefer judgment. Some resort to isolation. Others seek restoration.  And to be honest, many simply do not know how to respond. I get that. My actions caused that.

I hurt people with my choices and as a result, some chose to defriend me.  I use the term defriend here because it is a common and easy practice in our facebook-infused, social media world. If you dislike or disagree with someone, you can simply defriend them with the click of a mouse. So I use the term defriend emblematically (although it did happen literally as wel…